Show the Elegant and Classic Style of You with Bean’s of Hippolyta

Bean’s of Hippolyta

Lanccelot watch presenting the Bean’s of Hippolyta to show the elegant and classic look Hippolyta, this watch also brings you the sense of smartness just like the Hippolyta. From the Greek mythology, Hippolyta is the female warrior known as Amazons. Lanccelot really want to bring the spirit of Hippolyta through this watch.

Hippolyta was involved in several important battles and trials, the most well-known of all involving Heracles and Theseus. The Amazons were the descendants of Ares, God of War. She was well known for her courage, strength, and pride, even to the furthest limits of the known world at the time. Ares gave Hippolyta a gift of a magical belt that would grant her the title of Queen of the Amazons.

Just like the story of mythical creatures that have been told from time to time, Hippolyta was known of her courage and strength. In general, Bean’s of Hippolyta was made and designed with the same sense of spirit. For instance, the strap made of gold-colored metal is used by Lanccelot to show the touch of high class just like what Hippolyta did. Lanccelot wants to be sure that the process of designing and making Bean’s of Hippolyta watch was free from failure.

Designed with gold mesh and white dial, Lanccelot want to create a something that will resembles the courage and strength of Hippolyta. Gold Mesh to resemble the courage and white dial to resemble the courage of Hippolyta during the war.

For the combination to make alluring and charming sense, with white dial with unique shape were chosen for this Bean’s series. It shows simplicity and matches the gold color. Thus, this watch will be perfect for the occasion you are going to attend or the wardrobe you choose for the occasion.

Just like the other collections from Lanccelot, this watch was made to look simple and sophisticated but charming in subtleness, in general. You can catch the charming sense even from the first glance, you will never go wrong with Lanccelot

So, if you feel like having the similar personalities with the famous Hippolyta legend then you can try this Lanccelot Bean’s of Hippolyta. It will be a really nice fashion watch since it will show how charming and determined you are.

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