Bean’s of Genseric is the Perfect Harmony for Your Fashion Attire

Bean's of Genseric

Genseric was an illegitimate son of King Godigisel; he is assumed to have been born near Lake Balaton  in Hungary around 400. After his father’s death in battle against the Franks during the Crossing of the Rhine 406 AD, Genseric became the second most powerful man among the Vandals, after the new king, his half-brother Gunderic.

Genseric also known as Gaiseric or Geiseric was King of the Vandals and Alans, who established the Vandal Kingdom and was one of the key players in the troubles of the Western Roman Empire in the 5th century. During his nearly 50 years of rule, he raised a relatively insignificant Germanic tribe to the status of a major Mediterranean power. After he died, they entered a swift decline and eventual collapse.

Getting to know the powerful and great Genseric, Lanccelot decided to adapt Genseric history into Bean’s of Genseric. With the combination of white dial, silver case, and dark brown strap, the colors will be the perfect harmony to create a fabulous fashion attire to complete your fashion sense.

The color combination is related to the earth, where the history of all humankind take place. Lanccelot wants to create a great watch from the Genseric history. White dial symbolizes positive color and will be the perfect combination with silver case. The silver color here symbolize royalty like Genseric.  The dark brown strap symbolizes the determination and bravery of Genseric

This watch has a blend of white and brown. It is a simple color that illustrates that you can face all challenges like Genseric. This fashion item also gives the positive vibes that you can survive in bad conditions. The color of dark brown will be a great match to all your fashion sense, dark brown color is also believed to have a calming effect. Lanccelot does have a collection of watches with simple, unique, and elegant look. Try this Bean’s of Generic to accompany your every adventure.

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