Bean’s of Doris is Created to Make You Look Different and Unique

Doris was an Oceanid, a sea nymph in Greek mythology, whose name represented the bounty of the sea. She was the daughter of Oceanus and Tethys and the wife of Nereus. She was also aunt to Atlas, the titan who was made to carry the sky upon his shoulders. Doris when not associated with a god, was considered the fertility of the ocean, goddess of the rich fishing-grounds found at the mouths of rivers where fresh water mingled with the brine.

Inspired from the strength and humble of Doris, Lanccelot decided to create Bean’s of Doris. Even though it was just a mythology, Lanccelot wants to represent the characters of Doris into the wearer of Lanccelot watch. Using the combination of white, blue, and silver color for the watch will make the watch perfect for those who are active and has great ideas. In fact, white and silver is also the symbol of perfection and it might be the infiltrate into your personality. The important part is that you will do your daily activities and achieve your goals in the positive ways.

To make this watch more attractive, Lanccelot is using dark blue strap. Dark blue color is believed to be the color which can increase your confidence, just like the great Doris characteristics. Lanccelot focuses on creating something simple but elegant enough to wear. Lanccelot always inspired by great people worldwide. Lanccelot is creating a unique Bean’s of Doris. It hopes that you can feel the spirit of strong characters and you will be a great person.

You can see it from one of the masterpiece made in Indonesia here, Bean’s of Doris is created to make you look different and unique, you will get positive vibes from the watch such as positive feeling, confident, relax, and many more. The effect will be greater for you and your future. Just be ready to change your life after wearing Bean’s of Doris. Bean’s of Doris by Lanccelot will accompany your journey to achieve your goals.

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