Bean’s of Erinyes Watch Can Be The Perfect Choice for Your Fashion Watch

Bean's of Erinyes

In Greek mythology the Erinyes also known as the Furies, were female chthonic deities of vengeance; they were sometimes referred to as “infernal goddesses” The Erinyes live in Erebus and are more ancient deities than any of the Olympians. Their task is to hear complaints brought by mortals against the insolence of the young to the aged, of children to parents, of hosts to guests, and of householders or city councils to suppliants—and to punish such crimes by hounding culprits relentlessly. The Erinyes are crones and, depending upon authors, described as having snakes for hair, dog’s heads, coal black bodies, bat’s wings, and blood-shot eyes.

If you are a person who loves to wear a fashion watch, Bean’s of Erinyes can be the perfect choice for you. Designed with the unique shape and dial from Lanccelot, and perfect color combination from the strap, case, and dial, you will always be fashionable with Bean’s of Erinyes watch.

Bean’s of Erinyes use grey as the strap color to represent the balance color between white and black like the history of Erinyes that always hear the complaints of mortals and always punish the bad. White and gold colors are chosen as the watch dial and case to represent the elegance and simplicity of Bean’s of Erinyes.

Lanccelot always try to create and design great watches inspired from the great characteristic from the past to bring the positive vibes from the story into the wearer of our watch. Lanccelot really put the thought of Erinyes and hope the positive energy from Erinyes will follow every wearer of Bean’s of Erinyes. Let the strength and fairness of Erinyes influence your personality and fashion attire.

As it has been mention, all the spirits, hopes, and moral of the story, Lanccelot has chosen that the main concept in Bean’s of Erinyes watch is making elegance and simple watch collections. So, give it a try for Bean’s of Erinyes from Lanccelot. It will be perfect to accompany your every adventure.

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