Boost Your Style by a High Quality and Meaningful Watch with Bean’s of Eurydice

Bean's of Eurydice

As a fashion lover, you have to be supported by a high quality and meaningful product including watch. Lanccelot is here to present the unique and powerful Bean’s of Eurydice to represent the unique you.  Our watch is made with deep philosophy and great design to represent the character of Eurydice. Eurydice has an important role in the history of Roman Empire.

In Greek mythology, Eurydice was an oak nymph or one of the daughters of Apollo. She was the wife of Orpheus, who loved her dearly; on their wedding day, he played joyful songs as his bride danced through the meadow.

In mythology, gold color is the representation of sun which gives the light to the world. Even so, gold color is believed to be the color of royalty and determination. The gold watch case is mixed with dark brown strap to give a combination of simplicity but also elegance that will goes smoothly with your dress color. The dark brown strap color symbolizes health and stimulate your positive feeling. The black color was chosen to represent the gentleness of Eurydice.

Lanccelot aims to create a fashion piece that will be an everlasting piece and bring the deep philosophy inside it, this is how Lanccelot combines between fashion and history on their watch. Moreover, Bean’s of Eurydice is made in Indonesia, Lanccelot always try to create our watch collections with high quality materials.

Lanccelot takes great mythology characters as our inspiration to create a good watch. The naming of watch collections brings our great hopes that the wearer of Bean’s of Eurydice will have the positive traits of Eurydice. Furthermore, Lanccelot really care about the style of our product, Lanccelot wants to offer simple and classic watch to make you more confident and elegant.

Our Bean’s of Eurydice will be perfect for formal or casual occasions. The final achievement is that you can get more than just a watch by wearing Bean’s of Eurydice by Lanccelot. It hopes that you can also get the positive traits from our watch.

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