Presenting Bean’s of Euristheus from Lanccelot to Show the Elegance in You

Bean's of Euristheus

For a lot of people, leaving without a watch around the wrist is not something accepted. Indeed, a watch is so much more than an item to tell time. A watch, like a bracelet, is an accessory to enhance the physical appearance. A watch around the wrist that matches with the outfit is simply going to give more aesthetic value to the fashion.

Since the demand for a watch is still high everywhere around the world, Lanccelot always try to keep on producing beautiful and elegant watches to wear from time to time. Being one of the most famous brands of watch of all, Lanccelot has decided to create Bean’s of Euristheus. Find out more about Bean’s of Euristheus watch below.

In Greek mythology, Euristheus was the king of Tiryns, a stronghold near Mycenae. He was the son of Sthenelus and Nicippe, grandson of Perseus. Eurystheus was a Perseid, a descendent of the Greek hero Perseus. Euristheus was a famous king in Greek mythology, for as well as ruling over two kingdoms, that of Mycenae and Tiryns.

Bean’s of Euristheus has the color combination of silver case, white dial, and brown strap. Silver case to represent the elegant Euristheus, White dial to represent the bravery of Euristheus, and brown strap to represent to natural and reliable Euristheus in his enemies.  Using the combination of simple but elegant color that hopefully will represent the personality of Euristheus, this fashion item will also give the message that you can conquer anything that you have in mind.

You can dress casual and formal with this watch. That’s the purpose of Lanccelot when creating this watch to enhance your style every day. The general idea is that you will get more than just an ordinary watch. You can be unique and bold with Bean’s of Euristheus. The Bean’s of Euristheus will be perfect to accompany your every adventure. This is the time to show to the world that you can do something and be useful for your surroundings. Let the spirit of Bean’s of Euristheus by Lanccelot supports you.

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